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09 Aug 2016, 13:47

Deploy Django, Gunicorn, NGINX, Postgresql using Docker
This post mainly based on this blog: I will be extending this post by serving django+gunicorn using Nginx, also I will using Postgresql docker container to use it as database. Steps Lets not waste time and go to the following steps. 1. Let’s make an empty directory named myproject and add another folder inside name it src.

03 Jan 2016, 15:45

Django 1.7 + Scrapy
This post is depricated. Use it at your own risk. Today I am going to share how to use Scrapy and Django together to crawl to a website and store scraped data to Database using Django. Project Setup Django First, let us build a Django application using the following commands.

17 Sep 2015, 21:29

Make a Blog using Django Part 2
Please follow the official tutorial for creating your first django application: From previous post, you have configured and ran django, also added admin site to the django. To view the working source of this tutorial, check here at: Now click on the myblog section and click add to add new blog.

17 Sep 2015, 21:29

Make a Blog using Django Part 1
Please follow the official tutorial for creating your first django application: “Making a blog using django” - is probably the most made tutorial of Django. This post is no different. But I made this in my own way using some of django’s built-in features so that less coding is required and making it more understandable with minimum packages to use.

17 Sep 2015, 21:15

Change Column Headers in Django Tables 2
Django Tables2 is a package which displays table directly from queryset. It shows column header based on object’s attribute name. But if someone wants to override it, how can he/she do that? Here is a easy solution. Suppose we have a model class like this: class SomeModel(models.Model): somevalue = models.

17 Sep 2015, 21:11

How to configure Django/Tornado in PyCharm Community Edition
I think, Pycharm is THE best IDE for developing python. But unfortunately, the professional edition is not free. But community edition is good enough for doing debugging, integrating GIT etc. Normally its easy to use the community edition for django and tornado’s debugging/running if you know how to configure.

17 Sep 2015, 20:56

Some Useful Tools/Function for Django
This post is depricated as its based on Django 1.6 mostly. I am going to share some useful Django tools/functions which are very useful(were for me atleast) to get things done. Return any model class and its properties This method will return any model class if you have the name of the class.

17 Sep 2015, 18:03

Perodic Tasks By Celery 3.1 Example
This post is depricated. Please see the latest documentation(current celery is running version 4.2) I am assuming you have read celery docs from Celery Documentation As we know, celery can be used as a scheduler for executing asynchronous tasks in periodic cycles. Here I am going to share to do that with a code example.

17 Sep 2015, 17:49

Working with Formset
This post is depricated and may not be useful. As documentation says: A formset is a layer of abstraction to work with multiple forms on the same page. It can be best compared to a data grid. So here I am going to show a very simple django formset implementation example.

17 Sep 2015, 17:29

Sample Ajax GET/POST Request in Django
This post is depricated and might not be useful. Let us make a test scenario here: A dropdown field which on change we are going to send a Get/Post request to Django and return response. Let us start coding…. <select id="select_dropdown"> <option value="joshua">joshua</option> <option value="peter">peter</option> .... .... </select> Let’s make an Ajax request after the change in the dropdown field.