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Dynamically constructing filters based on string input using SQLAlchemy

Here I am going to write a dynamic filter. This filter is made for python 3. It will take query or model class and filter condition as input, It will return filtered query based on those filter condition.

This is constructed using this SO answer.

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class DynamicFilter(ModelHelper):

    def __init__(self, query=None, model_class=None, filter_condition=None):
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        self.query = query
        self.model_class = model_class
        self.filter_condition = filter_condition

    def get_query(self):
        Returns query with all the objects
        if not self.query:
            self.query = self.session.query(self.model_class)
        return self.query

    def filter_query(self, query, filter_condition):
        Return filtered queryset based on condition.
        :param query: takes query
        :param filter_condition: Its a list, ie: [(key,operator,value)]
        operator list:
            eq for ==
            lt for <
            ge for >=
            in for in_
            like for like
            value could be list or a string
        :return: queryset


        if query is None:
            query = self.get_query()
        model_class = self.get_model_class()  # returns the query's Model
        for raw in filter_condition:
                key, op, value = raw
            except ValueError:
                raise Exception('Invalid filter: %s' % raw)
            column = getattr(model_class, key, None)
            if not column:
                raise Exception('Invalid filter column: %s' % key)
            if op == 'in':
                if isinstance(value, list):
                    filt = column.in_(value)
                    filt = column.in_(value.split(','))
                    attr = list(filter(
                        lambda e: hasattr(column, e % op),
                        ['%s', '%s_', '__%s__']
                    ))[0] % op
                except IndexError:
                    raise Exception('Invalid filter operator: %s' % op)
                if value == 'null':
                    value = None
                filt = getattr(column, attr)(value)
            query = query.filter(filt)
        return query

    def return_query(self):
        return self.filter_query(self.get_query(), self.filter_condition)


_filter_condition = [('has_attribute', 'eq', 'attribute_value')]

dynamic_filtered_query_class = DynamicFilter(
dynamic_filtered_query = dynamic_filtered_query_class.return_query()

“model_class” is the model class you want to run the filter upon.

“filter_condition” the conditon you want to implement here. This is based on the following operator list:

    eq for ==
    lt for <
    ge for >=
    in for in_
    like for like
    value could be list or a string

Topics: SQL Alchemy , Python

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Gopinath Rasu
Wednesday, Jan 18, 2017

Hi , Where is this method get_model_class() defined?