About Me

Hi, I am Arnab Kumar Shil(Ruddra), A full stack developer from Bangladesh. Currently working as Senior Software Engineer at Cefalo.

I have been working in the software industry for 5+ years. I am working as a python and javascript developer, with keen interest and decent knowledge in devops. You can consider me as an open source enthusiast, passionate about software development, Non-windows user, team player, self motivated person who loves writing codes professionally, as well as a hobby.


I am familiar with many technologies but I have worked most on:
- Languages: Python, JavaScript, Java, CSS/LESS
- Python Frameworks/Packages: Django, DRF, Flask, Tornado, Scrapy, Celery
- JS Frameworks/Packages: ReactJs, React-Redux, ReactNative, AngularJs
- Virtualization tools: Docker, Vagrant
- Caching: Varnish, Redis
- Container Orchestration: Kubernetes, Openshift
- DevOps: Jenkins, NGINX, Docker Compose, Pipelines, CI/CD


  1. ReactJS and Redux: Completed 26.5 hours course at Udemy(Link to Certificate).

  2. React Native: Completed 12 week course regarding react native at Cefalo School(Link to Certificate).

  3. Effective Object Oriented Programming: Completed the course with distinction marks at Cefalo School. Used Java for coursework(Link to Certificate).

  4. How to Use SMART Goals: Achieve More in Less Time: Completed 32 minutes course at Udemy(Link to Certificate).

  5. Python Core and Advanced: Completed 8 hours course at Udemy(Link to Certificate).

  6. Getting Started With Varnish: Completed the course at Varnish Software for learning about varnish basics. Earned the certificate with 100% score.(Link to Certificate).

To see all of my certifications, please visit my LinkedIn profile.



I contribute to Stackoverflow. In Stackoverflow, I try to help out the community, also learn from them to keep my knowledge up to date. Currently, I have more than 18K reputations.

Open Source

  1. Github
  2. Bitbucket


  1. Hacker Rank Profile.

  2. Code Signal Profile.


My dream is to make human life better by building tools to aid their lives. Also I want to go to Mars someday.


Love coding, traveling, anime, cycling, ping pong, motorcycle, and humor. Recently I have been inspired by minimalism.


You can find my resume here.

Email me with any query at [email protected].