About Me

Hi, my name is Arnab Kumar Shil, I am a Senior Software Engineer at Cefalo Bangladesh Ltd. My interests are mostly in Programming(in Python, JavaScript and more), DevOps, Tooling, Data Science, Supply Chain, AI, and travelling.

Open Source Contributions

Here are some of my open-source projects whice I’ve written in the past or currently maintaining:

  1. Docker Django: Complete package for running Django on Docker.
  2. OpenShift Python Pipeline: Modern CI/CD Using Python+Gunicorn+NGINX+Jenkins Pipeline to Openshift.
  3. Django Passport:JWT based authentication service by Django.
  4. NYC Fights Pandemic: Find Best Neighborhood to Fight Pandemic in NYC(part of IBM Profession Data Science course).
  5. … and many more on my GitHub profile.

Stack Overflow

I contribute to Stack Overflow and have more than 40,000 reputations.


I co-authored this paper:

GDPR Compliance: Implementation Use Cases for User Data Privacy in News Media Industry(link to publication).

For more info about my professional career, visit my LinkedIn profile.