About Me

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Hello world, my name is Arnab Kumar Shil; I am an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) Trainee (Software Technology) at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. I like to write maintainable code, design scalable architecture, analyse security, and automate deployment procedures. Currently doing my Engineering Doctorate Traineeship at ThermoFisher Scientific.

Open Source Contributions

Here are some of my open-source projects which I’ve written in the past or currently maintaining:

  1. Docker Django: Complete package for running Django on Docker.
  2. OpenShift Python Pipeline: Modern CI/CD Using Python+Gunicorn+NGINX+Jenkins Pipeline to Openshift.
  3. Django Passport: JWT-based authentication service by Django.
  4. NYC Fights Pandemic: Find Best Neighborhood to Fight Pandemic in NYC(part of IBM Profession Data Science course).
  5. … and many more on my GitHub profile.

Stack Overflow

I contribute to Stack Overflow and have more than 46.000 reputations.


I co-authored this paper:

GDPR Compliance: Implementation Use Cases for User Data Privacy in News Media Industry(link to publication).

For more info about my professional career, visit my LinkedIn profile.


I have more than 30 certifications, including the following:

  1. IBM Professional Data Science Specialization
  2. Cyber Security by NYU
  3. Algorithms Specialization by Stanford University
  4. Effective OOP
  5. Modern React with Redux

About this website

This website ( is a personal blog where I write about solutions I came up with while researching different technical problems. This website has neither been sponsored by anyone nor shows any annoying advertisements, and it will always be open to all and ad-free.