Boilerplate: Django with AngularJs 1.X(Powered By Webpack2, Yarn, Docker, DRF, ES6)

Django with AngularJs is a popular combo. In this boilerplate, I tried to provide a foundation for using Django and AngularJs 1.X together. Here AngularJs Application has been built using ES6. Docker also comes with Postgres, NGINX etc. Source Code is available here: Tech Stack Python3 Django 1.11.6, Django Rest Framework Webpack 2 JavaScript(ES6)/AngularJS 1.x Yarn Prerequisite Require Yarn. How to install Yarn: Require Docker if you want to use this boilerplate…

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Docker: Use Celery in Django(Redis as Broker)

In previous two posts, we have deployed Django with Postgres, Nginx, now its time to do some async stuff using Celery. In this post, I will do the magic tricks first, explain them later. Add Celery to Django To add celery, we need make a container for celery. We can re-use the Dockerfile of django for making celery's container like this: FROM python:latest ENV PYTHONUNBUFFERED 1 #ENV C_FORCE_ROOT true # intentionally kept it commented ENV APP_USER user ENV APP_ROOT /src RUN groupadd -r ${APP_USER} \ &…

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