Make a Blog using Django Part 1

"Making a blog using django" is probably the most made tutorial of Django. This post is no different. But I made this in my own way using some of django's built-in features so that less coding is required and making it more understandable with minimum packages to use. To view the working source of this tutorial, check here at: Before jumping to the main event, see if you have these installed in your pc: Python 3 installed in the computer. (Or python 2.…

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Syncdb vs Migration

While surfing through Stackoverflow, I find a common question among Django users that, database not working properly; fields attribute changed, yet not working etc. Clearly because most of them used syncdb after altering fields. Well, lets make some things clear here about django syncdb and migration. What is syncdb? syncdb is a command which is executed in django shell to create tables for first time for apps which are added to INSTALLED_APPS of Need to keep in mind about two key words: 'First Time' and 'Newly Added…

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Categories: Django, Django-Models, technical-blogs