Bandarban: In Search of Waterfalls

Bandarban is a heaven for trekking for Bangladeshi people. There are lots of hills around the district, and there are some amazing waterfall as well. I visited three amazing waterfalls named Nafakhum, AmiaKhum, Satbhaikhum. Khum means waterfall in Marma language. captured on the way to Thanchi Again we went to Bandarban town and from there we took a Chander Gari(A four wheel drive car) to Thanchi Upazila. On the way, you will cross Nilgiri and Peak69, they are two of most popular places in Bandarban. Shangu river at Thanchi…

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Bandarban: Journey to Keokradong

Bandarban is a beautiful district of Bangladesh. You will see lots of amazing mountains which are part of Arakan range. Keokradong is the 3rd highest pick**(after Tajingdong and Saka Haphong, references are here) of Bangladesh, which is situated in Bandarbans. So today I am going to share my experience visiting there. But beware, your experience might differ from mine as I went there a long time ago. So, me and some of my friends went there from Dhaka. We got to Bandarban via bus, but there are other means…

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