Hi, I am Arnab Kumar Shil(Ruddra), A developer from Bangladesh. Currently working as a software engineer at Cefalo.

I am a full stack developer living in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. I have been working in the software industry for 5+ years. You can consider me as an open source enthusiast, passionate about software development, Non-windows user, team player, self motivated person who loves writing codes professionally, as well as a hobby.


I am familiar with many technologies but I have worked most on:
- Languages: Python, JavaScript, Java, CSS/LESS
- Python Frameworks/Packages: Django, DRF, Flask, Tornado, Scrapy, Celery
- JS Frameworks/Packages: ReactJs, React-Redux, ReactNative, AngularJs
- Virtualization tools: Docker, Vagrant
- Container Orchestration: Kubernetes, Openshift
- DevOps: Jenkins, NGINX, Docker Compose, Pipelines, CI/CD
I contribute to Stackoverflow and I have more than 6K reputations.


  1. ReactJS and Redux: Completed  26.5 hours course at Udemy(Link to Certificate).
  2. React Native: Completed 12 week course regarding react native at Cefalo School(Link to Certificate).
  3. Effective Object Oriented Programming: Completed the course with distinction marks at Cefalo School. Used Java for coursework(Link to Certificate).
  4. How to Use SMART Goals: Achieve More in Less Time: Completed 32 minutes course at Udemy(Link to Certificate).
  5. Python Core and Advanced: Completed 8 hours course at Udemy(Link to Certificate).


  1. Hacker Rank Profile.
  2. Code Signal Profile.

My Dream:

My dream is to make human life better by building tools to aid their lives :) .


Love coding, traveling, anime, cycling, ping pong, motorcycle, and humor.

Email me with any query at [email protected].